Knox Box Program

The City of Lambertville Fire Department, District #1 recommends the use of knox boxes on all businesses within the district. A knox box mount’s to the exterior of a building and allows for the secure placement of master keys to the building.

When a fire alarm goes off, seconds count…

Did you know, that a fire doubles in size for every minute it burns freely?

By installing a knox box, you…

  • Prevent the fire department from having to force entry, which causes additional damage to a structure and delays rapid entry.
  • Reduce the liability of lost keys for a structure.
  • Ensure adequate entry can be made 24/7 in case an incident were to occur in your place of business.
What is a Knox Box?

A knox box is installed on the outside of your building, and houses all of the keys associated with the building…

  • Knox Boxes can only be opened with a KNOX MASTER KEY.
  • They are virtually indestructible.
How do I know my keys are protected from unauthorized use?

Each apparatus of the Lambertville Fire Department are equipped with KeySecureSystems provided by the Knox Company.


  • Locks the KNOX MASTER KEY into the apparatus, requiring a code to retrieve.
  • Codes to unlock the MASTER KEY are associated to one person, which allows for key accountability.
  • The KeySecureSystem allows for audits which tracks the person who took the key, and the date and time in which the MASTER KEY was removed and returned to the system.
How do I get a Knox Box?

A fire department representative has to provide you a form, which will allow you to purchase a knox box through the Knox Company. Simply fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch with you shortly…

We always recommend speaking with a Lambertville Fire Department Official to help decide the best location to mount the Knox Box.

Knox Box Request

Knox Box Request